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     Opal Mogus Books brings Chinese history alive with unique materials for college and high school classrooms. All publications include an introduction written by an expert in the field, explanatory notes, and a select bibliography. We are dedicated to making our materials attractive, informative, and affordable. 

      We currently offer Li Fengjin: How the New Marriage Law Helped Chinese Women Stand Up, a pamphlet in comic-book format that the Chinese government published in 1950 to educate workers and peasants about marriage and divorce laws. For a review, please see <http://www.froginawell.net/china/?p=46>.

       Examination copies of Li Fengjin, which retails for $6.95, are available for $3.00. Please send a request on department letterhead along with the course name, approximate enrollment, and semester offered, to the address listed below. Library copies are $14.95.

      Opal Mogus Books welcomes suggestions and submissions for publication.
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